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Click on Willowbend Approved Plant List.pdf   to see a pdf of approved plants along with pictures. If you know the name of a particular item, on some computers you can use the ctrl -f key and enter the name in the opened small search window and it will take you right to the item. Of course you can scan down through the file to view each item too. 

REMINDER: An Architectural Change Request (ACR) Form must be submitted to Sentry Management for approval and approval must be received before any new plants can be planted..


Before painting any part of the exterior of your house, please review Painting Regulations – Requirements and Suggestions (Word). Only approved Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint colors may be used. Click on Willowbend Approved Paint Colors (Word) or Willowbend Approved Paint Colors (Excel)to see a list of approved paint colors for the exteriors of homes in the community.

REMINDER: An Architectural Change Request (ACR) Form must be submitted to Sentry Management for approval and approval must be received before any exterior painting can be done.

Sherwin Williams, working with the Willowbend Architectural Review Committee (ARC), put together a booklet specifically for Willowbend in an attempt to provide the residents of Willowbend with suggested color schemes for the exterior of their home. In the booklet, for each Sherwin Williams “Stucco/Body” color, there is a page that shows that color and two suggestions for Trim colors and Front Door colors. For more information on this booklet, go to Information on the Sherwin Williams Willowbend Paint Booklet.

In an additional effort to make the process of painting your home even easier, the ARC has compiled a complete list of existing/ original colors by address. This will become helpful if you are looking to paint the exterior of your home the same color, but do not know what the original colors of your home are. If you wish to obtain this information you can either contact Sentry Management, a committee member or visit the Sherwin Williams store at 4871 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. You may also contact, Beth, a Sherwin Williams Representative by either calling (941) 924-1174 or emailing her at

We hope that you find this information helpful. Any additional questions can be directed to Sentry Management by contacting the Willowbend Community Manager at (941) 361-1222, ext. 51009.


Click on Willowbend Pruning Schedule to see a PDF diagram of the Willowbend subdivision showing the ArtisTree pruning schedule for 2015. The pruning takes place in a 4-week cycle. Although ArtisTree tries to maintain the same schedule throughout the year, changes in staffing, weather, and excessive frost damage can temporarily affect the schedule. 


Click on Willowbend Irrigation Times (Word) or Willowbend Irrigation Times (PDF) to see a table with the details of the current irrigation schedule for.


The roof cleaning policy is that each roof shall be cleaned no later than 30 days after the 3-year anniversary of its previous cleaning. If some roofs become soiled sooner, owners have the option to clean their roof before the next cycle. It is strongly recommended that Soft wash biodegradable products are to be used for this process. Chlorine or bleach should not be used. Homeowners must be aware that they (or their vendor) are responsible for any damage done to their landscaping plants or those of their neighbors.

The Board is no longer requiring submission of an ACR for roof cleaning. However, after the roof has been cleaned, a paid vendor’s invoice showing that the roof has been cleaned must be submitted to Sentry Management. Sentry Management will update your account with the date of the cleaning to show compliance. That date will be the starting point of the next 3-year cycle.

In early 2015, the Board formed an ad hoc committee of concerned residents to look in detail at the subject of the longevity of tile roofs and the effect of various methods of cleaning those roofs on the longevity of the roofs. The committee compiled a comprehensive report. Residents are urged to view the report as it is very informative. Click either Report on Roof Longevity (Word) or Report on Roof Longevity (PDF) to view the report.


Our current landscape contractor is ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design. For the latest Pruning Schedule and Irrigation Schedule, go to those items at the top of this page. With respect to irrigation, you should be aware that ArtisTree will be checking your irrigation every month rather than only every three (3) months as our last contractor did. This also means they make sure the sprinkler heads are not covered with sod every month and have the access for proper operation.

ArtisTree assigns an Account Executive to each property they maintain to provide a one person contact. He is responsible for coordinating all the crews and handling all landscaping issues we may have.  

There are several ways to reach and arrange for ArtisTree to take care of any Landscape issue

  1. They have a four part “Work Request Form” that you can complete yourself. Make sure to obtain your copy (4th copy) after completed.
  2. You can complete the four part Work Request at any time. This is done through the ArtisTree mail box mounted on the wall just inside the gate to the pool and exercise room on the right. The mail box has blank forms. Take one and complete it, remove your copy (4th or back copy) and insert the rest of the completed Work Request in the ArtisTree back in the mail box. ArtisTree picks these up daily, Monday thru Thursday.
  3. These same Work Requests can be done online through ArtisTree’s website from your home. ArtisTree’s Instruction for doing this follows below. This method is the easiest!!

Please be aware that ArtisTree will contact you if they have any questions with your Work Request and if necessary arrange to meet with you. ArtisTree will also perform additional landscape work beyond the Willowbend contract requirements at an hourly rate and reasonable plant and tree prices.

ArtisTree Instructions for Online Submittal of Work Requests from your chair at home:

Dear Willowbend Resident:

We’re pleased to announce that ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design offers Willowbend residents the opportunity to submit work order requests online to eliminate paperwork and lengthy phone calls. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Visit ArtisTree’s website at
  • Select the Work Order page from the navigation bar.
  • Click the “click here” link at the bottom of the page, where you will be directed to the ArtisTree Request Tracker (“Art”).
  • Select your Community ID from the drop-down menu only. Do NOT type in the community name in its entirety or type in the ID without the dash between the letters and numbers. Any submissions other than WLBD-235 will not be received.

  • Enter your complete information and choose a selection from each drop-down menu.
  • Enter a description of your request and hit “Submit.”

Your ArtisTree account executive will receive your request, and you will receive a confirmation email and Request ID at the email address you entered. Each time there’s an update on your request, you will receive an emailed status.

Residents will still have the option of using the current mailbox system; however, we encourage you to “test-drive” this new online program from ArtisTree. It’s easy and efficient!


Willowbend Community Association has been issued Nuisance Alligator Permit #295402 from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It establishes the 147 acres of Willowbend as a state Targeted Harvest area (THA), with specific procedures and instructions. The permit runs for (5) years until April 2021. (permit limited 100 alligators that are 4 feet in length). The procedure is as follows:

1. Calls from a Willowbend homeowner to remove an alligator should be directed to Sentry Management at 941-361-1222. Calls from Willowbend homeowners direct to the State Nuisance Alligator Hotline will be redirected to Sentry.

2. Sentry will take down information such as the name, address and phone number of the resident calling, size and location of the reported alligator and reason for removal. Sentry will also contact, by phone and/or e-mail, Environmental Management Contractor (Russ Hoffman) and a designated Board Member. Sentry or an authorized Board member will contact the trapper if authorized.

3. Willowbend specific restrictions and instructions will include the size of the one alligator that may be removed, the lake or pond on which he may hunt, the time limit of the permission and how the trapper may gain access to the specific pond in question.

4. The designated Board member will try to contact the homeowner who initiated the call, to try to confirm the size, location and perceived degree of nuisance of the alligator in question.

5. The designated Board member will try to meet with the trapper on site and confirm they understand our instructions and restrictions. A report will be written and distributed when an alligator has been removed from our property by the trapper


Welcome to the Web site. Among the features are:

  • Home page. The body of the home page will contain a small items of current interest to the residents. One of these will be the latest President’s Corner. Each item will have a title and a short summary of the full article. Click on the title to see the whole article. The right side of the home page contains a list of upcoming Willowbend events from the events calendar. See the next item.
  • An events calendar. On this calendar, the date and time of Board Meetings will be listed. It will also be possible to list the information for committee meetings and social events.
  • Security so that only Willowbend residents and owners can see part of the site. A Username and Password will be required to view pages on the secured portion of the site. Willowbend owners have received the Usernames and Passwords for the residents of their household. To login, click on the User Login link in the upper right of the home page, and enter your Username and Password. Once you login, links for secured pages appear at the bottom of the menu on the left. At this time, there are three such items, Minutes, Data Pages Main Menu and Budget. In the future, it is expected that there will be other items.
  • Minutes. Board and committee minutes are not available to the general public but are available to the owners and residents on the secured portion of the site.  All committee minutes are included with the Willowbend Board minutes.
  • Data Pages Main Menu. This menu contains a list of pages displayed in real time from a database, including the directory pages. One link is Password change. Another allows owners to update emergency and disaster information.
  • Password Change. You are welcome to change your initial password to one that is easier for you to remember. This site is secured but it is not encrypted, so it is suggested that you NOT use the same password as you use for sensitive sites (e.g., banking sites).
  • Directory. Residents will now have much more control over what directory information is available to whom. The individual pieces of directory information can be made available to the Public, only to Residents (and non-resident owners), or only to the Administration (Board, Web committee). For the Public view of the site, the Directory link on the left menu brings up a directory page by alphabetical name that displays only data that has been designated by each of you as Public. Initially, all info in the directory on the old Willowbend site has been designated as Public. Information from other sources has been designated as Administrative. If you are a resident and have logged in, when you click on Directory By Alpha on the Data Pages Main Menu, you see all the data that has been designated either Public or Residents. A Board member clicking the same link would see all the information designated as Public, Residents or Administration. All information on the Willowbend residents that is in the database must be available to the Board, as required by Florida Law. An owner of a house can now maintain the directory data for all residents of the house online. On the Data Pages Main Menu, clicking on Persons at (address of owner’s house) brings up a screen with the detailed directory information on the residents of that house. Then clicking on Edit Local Info or Add/Edit Other Addresses brings up pages where the owner can add/update information. When adding an item, the owner must be sure to always set the security for the item (to Public, Residents or Administration). The owner then clicks on Submit. The next time somebody looks at the directory, the updated information will be displayed. Those who do not wish to update directory information directly may use the directory forms. The forms should be submitted to Sentry Management.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the members of the Web committee: Marshall Hestenes or Jay Berkowitz.


(This list of vendors should not be considered as "Approved" or "Recommended" by Willowbend Community Association, Inc. or by its Board of Directors or their representatives.)


People's Bank 25 S. Links Ave,; Sarasota 365-2799

First America Bank 1307 S. Tamiami Trail; Osprey 761-7080


Rick Sluga 3412 Clark Rd. #145 Sarasota, FL 34231 780-1320

David Milholland 2123 W. LeeWynn Drive Sarasota, Fl 34240 724-1477

Patrick's P.O. Box 536, Osprey, Fl. 34229 544-0282


Top Shelf Cleaning 73 Avenida Messina _ #7 ;Sarasota 923-8309

Sarsota Cleaning Services 4252 QuarryView Drive ; Sarasota 322-4676

Four Bees Cleaning 2110 Whitfield Park Drive -D2 ; Sarasota 921-1799

Sweeney Cleaning 4545 Mariotti Court, Unit D; Sarasota,34233 921-5565


Amerovent (Tony) 2701 65th. Street E; Bradenton 705-5468


Jillich Electric 7410 Clark Road; Sarasota 926-3197

Tom Smith 3984 N. Access Road, Englewood 475-3315

Michael Gould 815 Sarahbay Road ; Osprey, 34229 966-4824

Patrick's Residential P.O. 536, Osprey, Fl. 34229 544-0282

D & D 2620 N. Tamiami Trail ; Fort Myers, 33903 239-997-5888

Omega 328 Seaboard Avenue ; South Venice, 34285 484-3733

JC Metalworks

Absolute Aluminium 12220 Ogden Road ; Venice, 34285 497-7777

Chuck Rizzo Osprey, FL 34229 468-2580

Brian McGee PO Box 464 Osprey, FL 34229 228-2814

Rick Sluga 3412 Clark Rd. #145 Sarasota, FL 34231 780-1320

David Milholland 2123 W. LeeWynn Drive Sarasota, Fl 34240 724-1477

Patrick's P.O. Box 536, Osprey, Fl. 34229 544-0282


Night Effects

Sun State 8980 Erie Ln, Parrish, FL 34219 941-776-2897

ArtisTree 160 Pond Cypress Road, Suite B, Venice, FL 34292 941-488-8897

Sun State 8980 Erie Ln, Parrish, FL 34219 941-776-2897

One mInute Key Shop 2120 Gulf Gate Dr., Sara., Fl. 34231 924-8020

Braendel Painting 2059 19th. Street ; Sarasota, 34234 923-1968

H.I.S. Painting 5681 Sarah Avenue ; Sarasota, 34233 921-4283

Chuck Rizzo Osprey, FL 34229 468-2580

Tamas Pataki Osprey, FL 34229 232-3373


Sherwin William 4871 S. Tamiami Trail ; Sarasota, 34231 924-1117

Porter Paints 7394 S. Tamiami Trail ; Sarasota, 34231 924-3111

Benjamin Moore 2031 12th. Street ; Sarasota, 34237 955-7004

Scott (Top line paints- "only") 1575 Cattleman Road ; Sarasota, 34232 371-0002


Impact Pest Elimination 4023 Sawyer Rd. Unit 140 B;Sarasota, 34233 800-344-9190

Pestagon 4030 Sawyer Court ;Sarasota, 34233 955-7378

Terminx 4376 Independence Court ; Sarasota, 34234 359-3808

Earthwise Pest Prevention

Citrus Plumbing 125 Corporation Way 484-4990

Terry's Plumbing 2240 Industrial Blvd; Sarasota 955-5362

Circle Plumbing 1603 Barber Rd.; Sarasota 953-5594

County Plumbing 3956 S. Tamiami Trail ; Venice, 34293 924-8277

Cy Blue 5670 Pinkney Avenue ; Sarasota, 34233 924-1153

Blue Ribbon Plumbing Service, Inc PO Box 22171, Sarasota, FL 34276 923-9443


Lighthouse Property Inspection 8216 Constance Drive ; Sarasota, 34243 359-1432


Terry's Plumbing 1606 N. East Avenue ; Sarasota 955-5362


Sleuth 3988 Manatee Avenue East ; Bradenton 955-1944

Omni Eye 8051 N. Tamiami Trail ; Sarasota, 34243 364-3937

On Target 7626 15th. Avenue East ; Sarasota, 34232 926-0448

Galaxy 2041 Whitfield Park Avenue ; Sarasota ; FL ; 34243 941-758-6126

Aqua Doc Pool Clinic 448 E. Venice Avenue ;Venice 497-3333

Brite Water 2060 51st. Street; Sarasota, 34232-or- P.O.Box 51782 359-4886

Hallelujah Pools
(Does Community Pool)



Progressive Pools 6642 26th. Court East ; Sarasota ; FL ; 941-756-3516


Aquatic Pool Systems


POWER WASHING All Washed Up (A Soft Wash Provider)

Sarasota Soft Wash (JMO)

Braendel Painting

Kid Gloves (uses chemicals) 2604 Pandora Terrace ; North Port ; FL 941-321-7813

Wash on Wheels 1007 Mangrove Road ; Venice ; FL 493-8040

Pressure Pro

Pristine Home Maintenance LLC
941-343-7263 - Chad

Tamas Pataki
914-232 3373

FLA. Southern Roofing 6653 19th Street E. Sarasota ; 34243 923-7818

Singleton Roofing 2504 N. Euclid Avenue ; Sarasota, 34231 365-3359


Leaders Sarasota, 34231 951-2406

A-1 Security

V-co 1011 Porpoise Road ; Venice, 34293 408-7500


DeHart Alarm Southwest Florida ; Sarasota; 34231 365-1991

Wenzel Electric 6300 Tower Lane ; Sarasota, 34240 371-1599

American Wireless 4450 Northgate Court ; Sarasota, 34234 358-8808
SIGN MAKERS Artisian Sign

Sign Master 602A Colonia Ln; Nokomis 484-9169

Signs in a day 6300 S. Tamiami Tr., Sarasota ; FL 925-7446

Wilson Glass 5664 Swift Road ; Sarasota, 34231 921-1114

American Glassing Sarasota, 34231


Sam's Sunshine Services 2130 Whittled Oark Drive Unit E 2; Sarasota 34243 941-758-7662

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