Board of Directors


Scott Brundrett (2023)
674 Crane Prairie Way

John Santiago (2022)
644 Crane Prairie Way

Joe Trentacoste (2023)
1250 Thornapple Drive

Carmine Vitolo  (2022)
538 Luminary Blvd 

Director At Large
Jack Berkowitz(2022) 
533 Luminary Blvd

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Organizational Structure

Willowbend Association is a not-for-profit corporation with an annual budget of over $900,000 annually. The Association has developed an organizational structure to coincide with its function. To ensure continuity, each of your Board members serves two-year terms. Assisting and supporting the Board are committees and task groups. These observe, report and offer guidance on day-to-day functional activities and make recommendations to the Board. These groups are advisory only and have no authority to act for the Board. Board Directors are assigned an advisory role to ensure that each entity's recommendations are presented to and duly considered by the Board. The Board Advisor also transmits Board requests to these advisory groups. The Advisor and Alternate are ex-officio members of the group with the privilege to vote.