Disaster and Emergency Information


It’s time for you to update your Emergency Information


In the event of an emergency, Sarasota County Emergency Management Operations (Police, Fire, Ambulance, and EMT teams) will not be dispatched when sustained winds are over 45 mph. If there are injuries or property damage, Willowbend residents might need to be able to take care of themselves for up to a week after an event. If you have provided your information on the Willowbend Emergency Information on the Willowbend website (willowbendcommunity.com), the Willowbend Emergency Response Team members will be able to identify homes where there are persons who need assistance, residents with special skills and special equipment...

Residents' Emergency information, such as special needs, pets, hazardous materials in the house, equipment available for community use in emergency, helps us act together for our mutual benefit


This is your annual. request to review your Emergency Information and indicate by checking the on "Emergency Information is Up-to-Date" box that you have reviewed the information and it is correct or provide updated information. New residents are visited by the Welcome Committee and provided a copy of the County Plan and a blank Emergency Information form.

To review and update your Emergency Information, follow these steps:

1. Log on to willowbendcommunity.com and click on "USER LOGIN" at the top right of the first screen. If you do not have or have forgotten your Willowbend website user name and password, send an email request to the webmaster using the "Contact Us" form on the public portion of the website. He will respond with your login and password.

2. Click on the "Data Pages Main Menu" link at the bottom of the left menu, and then click on "Emergency Information for [your address] on that menu. If you are a renter, send an email to willowbendupdate@gmail.com and we will get an Emergency Information form to you.

3. Review your Emergency Information. If there are no changes, click on "Emergency Information is Up-to-Date" and this will automatically update the date that you reviewed your information. If you want to make changes, you may make them yourself on the screen.

Elevation 15 Feet



Potential Storm surge from a hurricane coming East from the Gulf


Wind  96 - 110   Surge To 15 Feet
Wind 111 - 130   Surge To 26 Feet
Wind 131 - 155   Surge To 33 Feet
Wind 156 +   Surge To 35 Feet


All of Willowbend is in either the orange or yellow zones. That suggests a storm coming East from the Gulf could create a surge that would require evacuation.  That need would be determined by the Sarasota government emergency management and could be either voluntary or mandatory. 



The Sarasota County Disaster Planning Guide will get you off to a good start.

On July 25, 2013, the following information was sent to the Willowbend community via a mass email:


For a number of reasons, including a lack of volunteers, it is no longer practical to maintain the Willowbend Disaster & Emergency Committee. We are refocusing it immediately to a smaller more efficient model. There continues to be a need for a community-based, coordinated response to Incidents affecting the community. That response needs to be provided with significantly fewer resources.

A small, highly focused group will coordinate the Community response to any incident. Our ability to respond after an event will depend in large part on Resident volunteers, who, after ensuring their safety and that of their family and property, make themselves available to the Incident Command structure.

Here are the principle changes:

  • The Zone Captain structure will no longer be in effect. It will be replaced by an Incident Commander (IC), Bob Geer, and two Area Incident Commanders (AIC), Rachel Rivlin/Manual Goldberg and Ron Stoll. The IC will operate from the Gazebo at the pool. Medically trained volunteers should check in there. The AIC will operate from a vehicle(s) identifiable with a flashing strobe light. They will have supplemental medical supplies and a number of hand held radios. Active CERTS should contact an Area Commander
  • The Willowbend Plan will no longer be published. It is replaced by the new Sarasota County Disaster Planning Guide (Official Guide for the Tampa Bay Area) which is newly revised and now contains comprehensive information in an easy to follow format. Copies are available and may be obtained by an Email to willowbendupdate@gmail.com with your name and address.  It is also available on the scgov.net website
  • Keeping Resident information current will be up to the Resident. Current information is useful to the IC staff and First Responders.
  • The pre-incident blast Emails will no longer be issued. Residents who would like weekly weather advisories issued by Sarasota County should send an Email to willowbendupdate@gmail.com

With the administrative burdened lightened, we will:

  • Maintain a framework that can be expanded to respond to incidents by augmenting the core with active Community Emergency Response Team ( CERT) members and spontaneous volunteers
  • Continue to provide stewardship of community medical supplies and durable goods
  • Continue to advise opportunities and encourage Residents to enroll in CERT training
  • Provide other appropriate training opportunities to volunteers

Please provide any comments or concerns to the Email address above.